Computer Assist

133 W. Columbus Ave. Bellefontaind Ohio 43311 (937) 592-0299

About Us

Computer Assist has been serving Logan county for over 20 years. This makes Computer Assist the oldest computer service store in the Logan County Area. We have been in the same location for 18 years. We take pride in help everyone with there computer problems and needs. No matter what your computer skill or experience is you will find that we here at Computer Assist take our time to explain your problem and "together' we come up with an affordable solution to your problems. We don't try to "sell" you something or "confuse" you with computer jargon. I would rather draw a picture/chart to make sure you understand your options instead of "confuse" you with fancy computer terms. So stop by Computer Assist and let us help you just as we have 100's of other people in your same boat.

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer Computer Assist Support